All about Silmiyah Ascend-tials 9/13™13LoveNatural Haircare

What’s Up with the Name?!

The Silmiyah Ascend-tials 9/13™ Brand was Co-Created to Offer a Natural i.e. “Whole”-istic Approach to Hair Care and Grooming “Ascend”-tials; Inspired by Our Ancient Ancestors; Using Natural, Earth-made Ingredients Provided by Amma (Mama Nature) for Us to Use to Heal Mind, Body & Soul…

Silmiyah, Means Peaceful in Arabic; “Ascend-tials” is Wordplay with Dual Meaning;

Essentials -> Necessary or Extremely Important

Ascend or Ascension -> Raising Up or Rising Upward

“9” is the Number of Divine Manifestation from the Womb into the Physical.  There is No Number Higher Than the Number “9”. All Numbers Can be Reduced to “9”, or Something Under “9”

“13” is a Number of Completion of “Holy Spiritual Self” and is the Numeric Value of Love. The Hebrew Word Ahava(h) is Love, HaShem(a) is Love(Study Scripture Moor)..Thus Hashem(a) is “13”, Love!

“Quality Over Quantity” is Key at Silmiyah Ascend-tials 9/13™. We Craft Our Products in Small Batches to Ensure That Only the Best Quality Products are Used & Infused to Produce the Highest, Most Beneficial Outcome of Our Products. We Use Healing Natural Herbs, Oils and Whenever Possible, Organic Earth-made Ingredients. Our Aim is to Embody a Natural “Whole”-istic Approach to the Crafting & Offering of Our Products.

We Simply Love What We Do!

Natural Hair Care & Grooming Products, and All That Embodies a Healthier Approach to That, is Our Business & That is ALL That We do; This Also Ensures Our Energy is Focused on Co-Creating the Best Quality & Outcome of Our Products; Which is also why We Make Our Products in Small Batches to Assure that Special Focus goes into Each Bottle.  We have Researched and Carefully Selected Our Ingredients and have Formulated Our Products with High Standards in Mind. Our Products are for ALL Hair Types & Textures Regardless of Nationality; so We Keep Our Collections Simple and Natural. We Craft Several of Our Products During Specific Moon Phases to Honor Ancient Healing & Spiritual Traditions of Our Treasured Ancestors. We Know Energy Transfers, and an Uplifting Positive Work Environment is Instrumental in Creating an Effective, Beneficial Product & Service; Therefore We Assure You Our Work Space/Studio & Crafting Environment is Conducive to a Relaxed, Pleasant Atmosphere,  so That We Transfer Those (+) Vibrations & Energy Thru Our Products & Onto You for Optimal Benefits in Tertiary Balance of Mind, Body & Soul. We Want to Encourage & Get You Inspired About Getting Back to a Relaxed, Simplistic Nature-al Way of Living and Caring for Yourself! Our Hair are Our Receptors and a Powerful Source of Energy as Well as a Vital Key to Our Spiritual Connection and Growth; Silmiyah Ascend-tials 9/13™ is Deeply Rooted..Stay Tuned In & Nurture Your Natural™

**Please Note**All of Our Products, aside from the Beard Oil Elixirs™ and RoyAL Oils™ are Crafted INDIVIDUALLY and are not Created Until AFTER We Receive Your Order, to Ensure the Best Possible Quality of Product; therefore We Ask That You Please Allow a Possible 3-5 Additional Days for Your Product(s) to be Individually Handcrafted & Packaged.

 Silmiyah Ascend-tials 9/13™ Brand Does Not Make Any Claim(s) to Cure Any Ailment , Hair or Scalp Dis-ease in Terms of Modern Western Society Standards. We are Not Doctors, and therefore the Information Offered on Our Website is NOT Medical Advice., these Statements Have Not Been Evaluated by the FDA and are Not Meant to Diagnose, Treat, or Cure any Disease in Modern Western Definition of the Word-Disease. Your Medical Decisions are Completely up to You. Our Products are Effective Only in Synchronicity with a Non-Deviating Healthy Lifestyle & Values Embodying Balance in the Mind, Body AND Soul…13Love™

Soulfully speaking...

We May From Time to Time Join in Collaborations or Promotions of Other Small Businesses That May or May not Involve “Hair Care”, This you May Have Also Noticed on Our Social Media Business Account(s); so That We May Continue to Promote, Support & Uplift Community. We Also “Innerstand” the Gift of Sharing, Bartering and the Works of Charitable Deeds & We do This with Honor & Humility; so Please Do Your Best from Yah Heart in Assisting Us in Honoring the Works of Others.

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We Maintain Strong Faith & Spiritual Connections Here at Silmiyah Ascend-tials 9/13™ ; therefore There May be Occasions When Our Business Will Temporarily Not Be in Operation During Specific “Holy Times or Days” but We Will do Our Very Best to Notify, You Our “Supporters”, in Advance so That You May Govern Yourselves Accordingly.  We Infinitely Thank Yah for Everything; 13Love to One & ALL!